Welcome new year with new resolutions

Welcome new year with new resolutions

It’s time to welcome New Year 2018 and say goodbye to 2017. Everyone must summon the past year’s memories. The lessons we learnt, the people we met, how our lives are improved and most importantly it is the time to meditate on the difference we want to create in the upcoming year. Here are some handy tips you can jot down to make new year resolutions.

See what’s missing

Think about what you have missed in the past year. Was it traveling, a workout, diet, spending quality time with family and friends, reading, playing guitar? You can add up anything that was missed by you the most.

In this year what do you want to achieve?

You may have planned to start a new business, new investment plans for more stability in terms of income and investments. If you have already started a business then you can make a list of new clientele you want to get on board. You can set a timeline in your mind once you make this resolution.

Remove the scrap from your life

.Sometimes we don’t like our own habits such as being late, forgetfulness, drinking less amount of water, unnecessary expenditures, eating junk food etc. First of all, we must identify the bad habits and then we can remove this junk from our lives in 2018.

What are the things you are planning to buy this year?

You can start saving money for buying the things like TV, fridge, laptop or anything else like home, car etc considering ‘If not now? Then when?’ You can make a list and start a saving plan accordingly.