Want a weight loss inspiration? Tanmay Bhatt is your man

Want a weight loss inspiration? Tanmay Bhatt is your man


If you have ever followed comedy, you will know Tanmay Bhatt and will surely remember his bulky structure. The roasting programs of AIB (All India Bakchod) had his mandatory presence; the heavy Tanmay today has almost lost 109 Kgs in over a year. You too can take inspiration and shed your extra kilos.

His trainer Ranveer spills his secret.

Patience is the key

Remember Rome was not built in a day, you need to be patient. You have to be positive; you will see the change slowly.

High protein diet

Tanmay went on a high protein diet (backed by heavy amounts of hydration). He's 6'3 and was consuming between 180-220 grams of protein every day.
Overweight people can build muscle even in a caloric deficit, IF they eat a lot of protein. Burn fat + build muscle together.

Lifts are magic

This man is a living, breathing example of the power of weights, wrote Ranveer. Deadlifts, squats, bench presses, overhead presses he did it all. India still believes that weight training is unhealthy but it is evident fact that heavy lifting can do miracles for a human being's body.

Keto diet

Tanmay also took up Keto in bursts. Ranveer suggested him the occasional weight loss boost.

Cutting calories gradually

Along with healthy diet, Ranveer also made Tanmay cut his calories diet gradually, over the weeks. Almost cutting 200/day every week. You should NEVER crash diet unless you want to lose muscle.

So, just be positive and get ready to turn slim!