Tools which can help Student Entrepreneurs

Tools which can help Student Entrepreneurs



Today the students are the most busy persons of the lot from keeping their grades up to building a healthy social life. This, however, doesn’t seem to stop some of them from running their very own blogs and startups.

But thankfully there are many tools which can give them appropriate platforms and give them opportunity to work better,

1. Wix ADI

 Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence is an AI-powered website builder that leverages data from over 86 million users.

The platform guarantees that no two websites implement the same design. But if you want to personalize your site further, Wix ADI allows you to customize the site’s fonts, colors, and other visual elements.


FreshBooks is a cloud accounting suite that makes the financial side of things a breeze. It can help you manage invoices, track your expenses, and prepare financial reports - all in one place.

FreshBooks also features a straightforward project management tool that lets you, employees, and clients collaborate on the cloud. it seamlessly integrates with Freshbook’s accounting features. You can also use the mobile app to stay ahead of your business finances no matter where you are.

3. Knowledgehut

Knowledgehut courses offer a library of video lessons, reading materials, and quizzes created by certified instructors. While these resources allow students to learn at their own pace, they can also sign up for in-classroom sessions for better results and additional benefits. Knowledgehut is an e-learning platform that students can use to fill essential knowledge gaps. . Most of the courses are beneficial to any aspiring entrepreneur, including business management, finance, risk management, and digital marketing.


You need manpower to mobilize your business plans wherever you are .for this you can rely on freelancers who can work on a per-project basis. For this you have platform like Fiverr.

The Fiverr marketplace covers a number of industries that can help startups - from design to digital marketing. Some of the more relevant fields include financial consulting, business planning, branding, and career advice.


Writing academic paper involves several solid hours of in-depth research, writing, and proofreading to do traditionally. But platform like this can give you time to invest in your business
Using this platform only involves three steps. First, you place an order by filling in the details for your paper. Once submitted, you will then get the chance to pick a writer based on their individual bids and track record. Lastly, you can communicate with your chosen writer at any time during the project. This will allow you to discuss further details and ensure the project turns out exactly the way you want it to.