Student's Expectations from Union Budget 2017-18

Student's Expectations from Union Budget 2017-18

Image Credit : IndianExpress


New Delhi: People have started building expectations as few days have left for the presentation of the Union Budget. One of the India’s biggest population portion Youth and hence students are hoping that the forthcoming Budget would be presented with some special announcements by the Finance Minister.

Hopes are rising in the high on the Union Budget for 2017-18 and expectation have been built that exemptions against education loans can be extended to 10 years from the currently allowed 8 years. Also one of the key point in these expectations is Service Tax as well. Which when rises eventually makes Institution fees to get increased. To make domestic higher education more efficient and affordable, the government must take a step to reduce education loan rate across the country to get Students a relief.


Many other areas would be accommodation seat increase in the universities and Fees decrease in those area facilities.The finance ministry has invited suggestions from public for Union Budget 2017-18, which will be presented on February 1 next year.Citizens have also been requested to submit their ideas and suggestionson the Budget.

So if you are a Student , You can make relevant suggestion to the Government which may be considered based upon the effect.You can visit below online link to give suggestion.


Click Here To make suggestions to the Government.