SAFER Guardian Device for Women by IIT Student

SAFER Guardian Device for Women by IIT Student

A group of IIT-Delhi students have developed a device last year for Women which can be used as a communication system to alert your guardians to alert  them about your situation. ‘Ericsson Innovation Awards 2015’ awarded to this innovative device developers i.e., a group of students from IIT-Roorkee. The two winning projects were Guardian from IIT Delhi and Smart Earphone from IIT-Roorkee. The ‘Guardian’ device, developed by IIT-Delhi, uses multiple cellular phone towers to transmit data and triangulate a victim’s position. The device, developed by IIT-Roorkee, is called ‘Smart Earphone’. Using the device, a user can decide whom/what he/she wants to selectively hear and with required volume. The device will be integrated to smartphones via  an Mobile Application. All the audio signal processing will be done by the App only.


The projects submitted were in the areas such as web design, cloud computing, storage and networking, human machine interface, embedded and hardware system design, MIMO (multiple-input, multiple- output), machine-to-machine/ Internet of Things, software-defined networking, open source, signal processing, graphics and visualization, as well as research. As many as 10 proposals were shortlisted last year on criteria such as degree of innovation, feasibility, scalability and the overall impact on masses.

What does SAFER do?


Press your SAFER twice to send an alert to your Guardians.


Nominate your Guardians to monitor your movement while travelling.


Click your SAFER once to click perfect selfies.


A gentle beep tells you to check your phone for an important notification.