Phone without 4G and Whatsapp? Not a big deal

Phone without 4G and Whatsapp? Not a big deal

The announcement of the new Nokia 3310 has defied all the notions that today the world cannot live without a Smartphone. Despite of the absence of 4G and Whatsapp in its feature, it is a rage in the market. The comeback of the first phones of Nokia has received an emotional support above all, a product which gives them a nostalgic feeling, of getting a product of their past, back.

Some say they will buy it for their parents as they are uncomfortable using Smartphone, some say they will buy it for snake and some will just buy it as a backup device. And these are people who already own Smartphone which are amazing. It has emotional value to people, to even millennial who've never used a Nokia phone in their life, it is incredibly appealing.


 This 49 euro feature phone would definitely be a bad buy if you think logically, but the catch here is the social media is overwhelmed with the return of the iconic phone. It would have been any other phone, it would have surely fall flat, but Man, this is THE Nokia.


The brand value the company Nokia has maintained is commendable. The superb battery life of the old Nokia phones is still being discussed in the world of Smartphone. And the response to the return of the same iconic Nokia handset, that too without Whatsapp is a matter of celebration.

 After all Nokia has been able to maintain the value of its tagline “Connecting people”.