Mistakes that can let you down in NEET exams

Mistakes that can let you down in NEET exams



The first hurdle in the path of pursuing medicine is clearing NEET. Though hard work, dedication and concentration is the perquisite of passing it, there are many small things and pointers which when not paid heed to can also be let you down. The preparation should head in the right direction in a right manner.

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid while preparing for NEET 2017:

1. Ignoring NCERT :

NCERT provides the base concepts and the solved questions for the majority of the questions for NEET. So, students must ensure that NCERT- based learning should remain their first priority during their preparations and must learn the NCERT concepts and their application in questions rather than merely memorising the case-specific approach.

Outside books may help you prepare but the content of NCERT is worth the time you give it.you will be losing 70 to 80 per cent of the questions in NEET if you ignore NCERT books.

2. Ignoring time table :

making a time table and following it should be the first step to clear any exams. It gives us pointers to achieve targets along with deadlines which helps us work hard. Ignoring them and not following can be the biggest mistake. Always make sure you set high targets and try your best to follow and go by it.

3. Mugging up :

To pass any exam with flying colours it is necessary that you are fluent in what you are writing. it can only happen if you know what you are writing. For this it is necessary that you understand all that you study.  By only mugging up there will be chances that you forget during exams. So understand the concept and then memorise it.

4. Ignoring self-study :

Any exam can be passed well if proper attention is given to your self-study. Self-study helps us know what are we actually studying and learning. Tuitions and coaching’s can guide you to study, but unless you study yourself from the beginning results can vary. Every student has different manner of preparation and self-study helps you know your strength. So always believe in self-study.

No exam is difficult if it is prepared with planning and some simple yet significant tips are followed. Have confidence and all the best.

5. Hectic schedules :

It is not at all necessary that a hectic schedule will only ensure your faring well in the examination. A calm, relaxed and systematic schedule is necessary for better memory and concentration during exams. You would hate to be fatigued and suffer from anxiety attack during the exams. So, keep a relaxed and planned schedule.


To be continued...