India scored 4th Rank In Pokemon Go Downloads

India scored 4th Rank In Pokemon Go Downloads

Pokemon Go is breaking all records. People are spending more time on the game than on Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook.

If you want to witness a viral event which relates the Internet and the real life 'Pokemon Go' is your word. The game released by Nintendo and Niantic labs has broken numerous records of the app usage and download.

The game has not arrived in India but a lot of users are downloading the APK file for their Android phones. According to a report by SimilarWeb India ranks 4th in terms of the downloads of the games from the file hosting website APKMirror. Since the game has come out APKMirror's traffic has gone up almost 600%

Users from a lot of other countries including the US, UK, Brazil, and Italy are downloading the game. The US Android users have had the biggest bit of the pie with 50.8% of downloads coming from the countries. India's share in the downloads is 6.5%

There are other stunning numbers surrounding the game. Within the days of being released the game had reached #1 spot in App store and the Play Store in the 'Free' section. In the App store in the US it was also the top grossing app.

People are so addicted to the game that the number of daily active users playing the game are more than the popular social network website Twitter. That is not it. Users are spending almost 43 minutes per day on the app. Which is much more than WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook messenger.

Pokemon fans are preferring to play the game over going to a date. Pokemon Go has taken over Tinder in terms of the number of downloads. In the US the game has been downloaded almost 7.5 million times. A total of 5.61% of US Android users has the game on their phones.

There are some very weird incidents happening all over the world. People are finding dead bodies near the river. Some of them are even being shot at. A lot of people are playing the game in the parks late in the night and some of them are getting injured as well.

Source - Similarweb & Huffingtonpost