Ignore these misconceptions about entrepreneurs.

Ignore these misconceptions about entrepreneurs.


Owing to so many startups being successful and rising the ladder of being a huge business , young people tend to cultivate a lot of wrong ideas and misconceptions related to the same.Though it is not rocket science, but it is neither a child's play.

Let’s see some of the misconceptions regarding the entrepreneurs.

1. You are rich in a blink.

It may seem that you can be rich fast and quick, and it is true in some cases. But for this you need to work hard, invest time and money. do systematic investment and  search potential stakeholders. Nothing comes free and there is no substitute for hard work.

2. An idea is the ultimate requirement

Undoubtedly idea is very important but there are many other things which should be present to make it work. A good idea can give you a head start in the entrepreneurial world. But if its not worked upon and supported it can fall, and on other hand  a mediocre idea with perfect backing can succeed,

3. Its a free job

It’s true that you’ll be the one setting most of the rules. It has unlimited freedom and you are the own boss. But it is equally true that it also requires dedication in the form of late night works, tremendous pressure and personal sacrifices. It gives you freedom , but it depends upon how you see it.

4. it is a overnight success or not.

People think that entrepreneurs are those whose business skyrocketed to success overnight. But its not always right. Often people do get success fast but many a times it takes, months, years to get those heights in the business. But gradually the dedication and hard work does pays off. Sooner or later, it all depends on the structure of the business.

5. Entrepreneurs are meant to be.

Nobody is meant to be something by birth. Similarly entrepreneurs are not born to lead . It’s a learning process where while working we learn various different trades of the business. It’s possible to acquire the necessary traits to become a successful entrepreneur no matter how you started out. With  the right mindset and dedication anybody can be a entrepreneur.

6. You are the whole sole and can do everything.

For the world the business is because of the entrepreneur, but in reality the things are different . There are various people who back and mentor the entrepreneur. viz Customer  ,investor, advisers. A single person cannot do all the things themselves and so you should be ready to take help and learn from others.

now when you are more clearer , go take a chance!!!