IT capital Bengaluru has now its own logo

IT capital Bengaluru has now its own logo

Bengaluru, an Indian city now has a logo, showing the cosmopolitan idea of the city.

With its very own logo - crowdsourced through a challenge which is part in English and part in Kannada - IT capital Bengaluru has joined universal urban communities like New York and Amsterdam.

The logo in red and white is an activity of tourism office that helps revamp on Bengaluru's picture with the goal that it can be seen as a tourists’ place, and not similarly as an IT center point or a city for new companies.

The tourism minister said that the logo would help in the city's marking and feature its way of life and convention better.

"We are the world's most multidimensional city and have a rich legacy which individuals are overlooking. So the thought is to mark Bengaluru with its history, culture, craftsmanship and its cooking styles and depict this as a worldwide brand," said Priyank Kharge.

The logo was launched amid Bengaluru Habba-an open road celebration in the front state get together structure - Vidhan Soudha.  Nammur, a creative group created this logo.

In the course of recent years, the city of Bengaluru has made it to universal features for its foaming lakes, crises of garbage and disintegrating framework. The most recent move is being seen as the administration's endeavor to guarantee a superior marking for Bengaluru.