Create your own 3D virtual world with Kokowa

Create your own 3D virtual world with Kokowa



Imagine Donald trump standing on a dais, his mouth gagged and hundreds of people standing before him in a huge hall with beautiful background interiors. You don’t like him, make someone beat him up. And this very easy to do, at least virtually.

Enter an imaginary world by your own creation and that too with some few commands and clicks on computer. Welcome to KOKOWA, a new platform that will democratize 3d creation and make it simple as a click.

Kokowa is new in the line of creating a virtual world around you, in 3D. Building virtual world is not easy but there are various others drag and drop platforms around us , Microsoft’s Paint 3d being one of them. Though it’s not free of cost. But other companies like High Fidelity and Sansar have their own versions of drag-and-drop software which are not bad either. Plus there are other technical things like coding, technical knowledge which has put a limit to the players in the market.

In order for virtual reality to become something people really engage with, you need many different types of people experimenting with it and creating with it,” says Kokowa cofounder Peter Zuspan.

It’s quite simple. You need to log onto free web app, and then start clicking, dragging and dropping to build your strange and imaginary worlds. It can be viewed in tablets and phones.It starts with blank box acting like a canvas, with various options to drag and drop according to your wish.

Zuspan and his cofounders, Jesse and Meredith Finkelstein began working on Kokowa a couple years ago while they were members at New Inc, the New Museum’s art and technology incubator

People are free to use their creativity and come out with weird worlds themselves. It is more appealing as it can be watched in phones and tablets to shoo away boredom. Compared to others which are more real sort of, this 3d platform is less sophisticated giving more options and chance to explore your wild sides.

Another co founder Finkelstein says. “This is less about replicating what’s real and more about allowing people’s inherent creativity to be part of the space-creation process.

Go on guys, explore a better version of your creative side, and make weird worlds...