Booming Youtube channel by student of IIT Bombay

Booming  Youtube channel by student of IIT Bombay


 'Open Learning Initiative' is a Youtube channel which is showing 4000% growth without spending on advertising in one year. This channel was formed for educating rural youth in regional language hosting mathematics and science videos.

This youtube channel was started by  Yash Sanghvi, an undergraduate student at IIT Bombay and the coordinator of the National Service Scheme a year ago which now boast of 12000 subscribers.

Most subscribers are from rural areas and from government Hindi medium schools. Moreover the channel has more than 170 videos in eight regional languages— including Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Telagu, Malayalam, Tamil, Oriya and Bengali to help those students who have difficulty understanding English.

Two videos are uploaded every week, presented in a simple manner, explaining basic concepts. The channel reported a large demand for more videos from both teachers and students 

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