American Singer Hasley : Inspiring Youth

American Singer Hasley : Inspiring Youth



The young star of smashing hits like "New America" "Ghost.” And “Colors” need no introduction. We know her as Halsey and she is a musician who can truly be called an artist. Halsey, who was born in New Jersey came into picture with her EP “Room 93” and then released her first album “Badlands” which scored no.2 position in Billboards top 200.She is garnering much attention today but she started attracting eyes by beginning with 14000 friends in MySpace and then 16000 subscribers on YouTube that too in the age of only 18. Someone who was confined into her bedroom and internet world has today broken records in mainstream arena. The most interesting fact about her is, she sings her own song because she cannot imagine someone else voicing her words.

Real name

She may be famous by the name Halsey but her real name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane . And she came up with her fancy name Halsey from Halsey Street in new York after realizing that it is also an anagram of her real name.

Did not intend to do songwriting

When Halsey was supposed to attend community college, she had intended to do major in fine arts. But to show her adolescence rage and to try something else, she enrolled for songwriting. She wanted people to hear her views n so songwriting suited best for her at that moment.

Term "tri- bi" was extensively used for her

Halsey suffered from bipolar disorder at 17 years of age, and had black father and white mother,  as a result she was termed biracial. She was always being subjected to being called tri bi which she hated. She also confessed to be bisexual and was totally comfortable with it. But she bravely used her platform to share it.

Was already popular before her debut album

Halsey was already a star before her debut album came out with thousands of friends and subscribers in MySpace and YouTube respectively prior to her debut album. She was a youth sensation then too though with the name Ashley. She was a teenage song writer with a YouTube channel and tumbler.

She has an obsession with “One Direction”.

The song which gave her fandom was the cover song she made of Taylor Swift's "I knew you were trouble”, which went viral and gave her much fame. She named it the Haylor song. She also brought on another haylor song titled “SOS”. The badlands artists are still vocal about her love for “One Direction”.


 If we look at her contribution to the music industry, there are many songs which she has written and sung. But I am mentioning the best ones from her.

  1. Gasoline
  2. Colors
  3. Roman holiday
  4. Control
  5. New Americana
  6. Castle
  7. Ghost
  8. Is there somewhere
  9. Haunting
  10. Drive


Author : Divya Agarwal